Thursday, October 29, 2009

Any Reason to Wear White

I plan on taking full advantage of the fact that I'm the bride and get to wear white during my engagement.  I'm not saying everyday I'm going to wear white and go around saying I'm the bride-to-be...that would just be tacky.
No, I'm talking about bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and the rehearsal dinner.  The bridal showers and bachelorette party will probably be sometime in the early spring, and the rehearsal dinner is towards the end of May so hopefully I can get away with some cute dresses.

So now I'm on the hunt for a different kind of white dress.  There are only two conditions: it can't be long, and it can't cost a fortune.  Here are some things I've come up with so far, let me know if you know of any others!

"As You Wish Bow Dress" at Nordstroms $68

"Poppy Floral Mesh Dress" by Forever 21 $24.90
The website is sold out of the white right now =[

"Cotton Rib Turtleneck Sweaterdress" by Victorias Secret on sale for $39
Very cute for a winter shower.

"Jersey Wrap Dress" by Victoria's Secret $65

"Ruched Squareneck Bra Top Dress" by Victoria's Secret $38

"Smocked Tank Bra Top Dress" by Victoria's Secret $58

"Brocade Strapless Dress" by American Eagle $69.50

"Adrianna Papell Eyelet Dress" at Nordstroms on sale $59.50
I just realized this is not currently, I love it!

Hopefully this will help some of you on the search for a perfect, little white dress.  I'll let you all know if I ever make up my mind and actually order one!


  1. Gosh there is no way I could make up my mind! There are so many gorgeous ones.

  2. I wore the Suzi Chin dress to my rehearsal and LOVED it!!

  3. I'm loving the first one - the bow dress. Too stinkin cute!

  4. I am actually looking for something like this for my reception (my gown) is so big that I want something simpler to dance in. I love the Speechless dress and the Suzy Chin Maggy. I will definitely have to check those out :)

  5. I tried on the "Lily Cutaway Shoulder Lace Shift" at Nordstrom and it didn't flatter me AT ALL (I'm a pear).

    I'm loving the "Speechless dress with one shoulder". Super cute! The first one is really neat too!

  6. I almost bought the first dress in pink! And my brother's girlfriend wore it to prom. :) I love the last one too! Adrianna Papell is amazing.

  7. One thing I've thought about (and am going to blog about) is getting a casual bridesmaid dress at David's Bridal in white. They have so many cute dresses that come in white and if you go during one of their sales it could be perfect!

  8. Forgot to mention - I left you something on my blog! :)

  9. I love that you have listed all those VS dresses! I actually have the Jersey Wrap one in purple that I'm thinking about wearing to our Sunday after luncheon! But my fav of all you posted is the one strap with the flower detail, so cute!

  10. I loveee the speechless dress!!! Soooo cute!


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