Friday, November 6, 2009

So I Might Be Just a Little Bit Crazy...

Wedding planning is taking over my life.  There's no other way around it.  I've got piles upon piles of stuff in my room at home, and in my apartment at school.  I've found it spilling over into other things that I do, so much so that I've even started a "Wedding Shower" folder in with all of my other wedding stuff.  It's got cute ideas for decorations, food, invitations, etc.

Do you think this is bad?  That I more or less want to plan my own shower?  A shower that hasn't even been decided upon yet?  You'd think it could be a part of this whole process that I'd give away freely for everyone else to do, and just show up and have a good time.  But no, not me!

Chances are my mom and sister will throw me a shower, since she's my maid of honor.  And that means that it will more than likely be at our house, or at least in our town.  And that means I can tell them all of the wonderful things I'd like for them to do!  Maybe make my own invitations, hint at them and guide them along for decorations and food.  This could definitely be interesting.

So just for good measure, I thought I'd share some of my ideas with you.

I was looking online for napkins for a future project, and came across this collection at Party City which would be perfect for my shower.

It's the perfect color and super cute.  So cute, in fact, that I decided an inspiration board should be made.  Don't ask me where I come up with this time in between all of my classes and tests and such, because I honestly have no clue.

These plates would look adorable on top of black tablecloths.  Hint, hint Mom and Sis!!

And you've already seen the cute little recipe cards I came up with to include with the invitations.

And I even went as far as coming up with an invitation idea to go along with the recipe cards.

(obviously none of my real info, but you get the idea)

We have a cute little bay window in our dining room that a nice spread like this would look cute in.

So yes, as you can see, I'm a very anal, detail oriented kind of person.  And apparently this aspect of my wedding isn't safe from me.

Any one else out there a little bit crazy like me??  What can't you keep your hands off of?


  1. I can completely understand wanting to plan the shower too (and the bachelorette for that matter) because those events are so much fun and more laid back. But, I would make sure that you're not taking something away from you MOH/sister and your mom for that matter. I know my MOH has been dying to plan my shower and my bachelorette, I know she would be hurt if I started telling her how to do things and not let her plan it. The shower and bachelorette are supposed to be celebrations for you, make sure you leave enough room for those closest to you to have a hand in making these moments special for you. :)

  2. LOVE the plates and decor!! And nope I don't think it's weird at all! My mom and MOH, who is like a sister, both live in VA and I'm in KY. When it was time for my shower, they threw it, but definitely asked my opinion so it would be what I wanted. I created an inspiration board for them and helped decide the menu. Totally not weird. Every other detail of the wedding falls into the bride's hands, why should she have her say (if she wants to) for the shower?! :)

    ALSO, left a surprise for ya on my blog!

  3. Funny, I just wrote a blog yesterday about a great bridal shower idea and mentioned that it might be silly to be talking about since your shower 'throwers' should really be reading the post. Unfortunately, I don't have it scheduled to post until like mid-December...because like you, I am crazy about wedding stuff and write out blogs every day about all my ideas. :)


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