Monday, November 9, 2009

Mother of the Bride Dress

Quite honestly, my mom and I haven't talked much about her dress yet.  I've been really excited for her to start looking for one, and I told her absolutely not would she look like a stuffy Mother of the Bride.  No sensible shoes, or gaudy two piece outfits.  She said she wanted to wait until she lost a little more weight.

The other week she asked me what color she should wear.  I haven't put a lot of thought into it, and told her just as much.  I said probably a nice, darker jewel tone would complement the girls' dresses nicely.  I don't really think it needs to be the same color green, and good luck finding it anyways!  She agreed, and said she looks good in jewel tones.  We left it at that.

So she caught me off guard a little after breakfast yesterday when she told my sister and I to wait in the living room and she'd be down with something to show us.  This is a frequent occurence in our house, so I had no clue what to expect.
As soon as she got downstairs I could hear heels clicking down the hallway.  She walked into the kitchen, and this is what we saw.

By the way, she WILL probably kill me when she finds out that I've posted this.  I told her I needed to take pictures, and she kind of freaked because her hair and face weren't done, and I believe her excuse was, she hadn't even brushed her teeth yet.  I told her not to worry after she asked me who might see it.

Last week she went shopping with her friend for a wedding she had to go to this last weekend.  This friend of hers is an awesome influence and told her she absolutely had to get it.  Thank you Zan, it looks amazing!  It's an Adrianna Papell dress that she found at Macy's at originally $188, and on sale for an amount she couldn't remember when I asked.

My mom has concerns though.  She doesn't think she should be wearing a short dress when the girls are in long.  And she thinks the top is too revealing, but I told her her boobs look great.  What are daughters for, right?  I absolutely love the dress, and I think it looks adorable on her.  I really don't care that it's purple, and not at all in our color scheme.  And I definitely don't think she needs a jacket or a wrap like she tried to suggest.

Now we just have Mr. T's mom left.  Do you think the two "Mother of" dresses should be similar in color, or would an unrelated jewel tone work well too?


  1. Your mom looks amazing!! I don't think it'll be a problem if her dress is short and the bridesmaids are long.

    I always think it's kinda weird if the mothers wear similar dresses or try to match colors. I think if she finds a dress in an unrelated jewel tone that would be best, but if she falls in love with a dress that's similar to your mom's, that's fine too.

  2. Your mom looks fantastic! I think that dress is really great AND it looks so good on her.

    I wouldn't worry about the long/short thing. Yay for your mom finding her dress!

  3. OMG your mom looks so fabulous! I love that dress on her! :) And I love the color mom isn't looking for a dress in the same color as my bridal party...she'll probably opt for a darker blue dress rather than the lighter/dusty blue that my girls are in!


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