Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Non Wedding Related: Puppy Episode



Mr. T and I are getting a puppy!! A yellow lab puppy to be specific.
I found a stay at home mom whose dog Maddy just had puppies on October 23, with their male dog Kaden.  She had 5 females and 3 males.  One of the males is already spoken for, but we get our pick between the remaining two boys.  We'll go up to Wisconsin the week of Thanksgiving and pick him out, and then he gets to come home with us after December 18.  I'm so excited =]

One of these little boys will be coming home with us in about 5 weeks, and he's going to be spoiled rotten.

And just for good measure:


  1. Oh my gosh - So cute! I just found out I'm/we're getting a puppy too! I won't have her until Christmas break either. She's a bichon poodle mix and weighs less than a pound right now. :)

  2. Labs are the best dogs ever! I loved our lab! Mr. Mojito and I wanted a lab but didn't think it was fair since we have no yard really at our townhome but as soon as we get a single-family home we are going to get our cocker pup Dakota a lab friend :) So cute!

  3. Cuuuuutttteee! I just posted about how I want to include our lab furbaby (she's almost 8 months) in our wedding. They are the sweetest companions and so much fun. You guys are going to have a blast!

  4. Ahhhhh so cute! Congrats on your future furbaby! :) Sigh...puppies....


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