Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Turning a Blog Into a Webpage: Little Things That Make A Difference

Turning a Blog Into a Webpage, Getting Started

Here are some very easy steps that you can take to make your blog look more like a website.  The following things don't include any HTML codes, all you have to do is play with your settings a little.
Please note one more time: for the following pictures, my links are on the right side, instead of the left like yours will be.  Eventually the pictures will catch up, and I'll have my links on the left side.  Make sure though that your links are on the left side from the beginning! If you have to change your template in the middle of all this, you'll have to start all over like I did.  So be sure you pick the left template from the beginning.

Turn off your comments
You don't want your guests to be leaving comments all over the website...it will get messy.
This one's easy.  Just go to the dashboard and under the Settings tab click on the "comments" link.  Simply change it to hide instead of show, and save it.

Remove your "About Me" and "Followers" section from the sidebar.
I chose to remove both of these using the "page elements" link under the Layout tab.  Just click edit on each one, and either remove or choose to have it not shown.  On a brand new blog, the "About Me" section isn't even there, so you just need to remove the "Followers" widget.  Leave the "Blog Archive" there.

As you can see on the right side of the blog, the followers section is now gone, and there is no longer the option to "follow this blog."

Add your blog to our listing?
Under the basic settings you have the option to answer no to this question.  This will keep your website private and off of Blogger's listed blogs.  You can also disable letting search engines find you.  Just change both options to no, and then save.

Removing the Footer
This is the section at the bottom of a post that will say "posted by jane at 10:54 am, 0 comments" 

To get rid of this, go to the "page elements" section of the Layout tab and click on edit in the blog posts section.  Simply uncheck all of the boxes so nothing will show up under your post.

As you can see here, the posted by section is gone. 

Change your settings to only show 1 post per page
This will allow you to have one post at a time show up.  For example, a welcome page, accomodations, ceremony, etc.
You can either change this at the same time you change the posted by section ,shown above, or this can be found in the formatting section of the Settings tab.  Simply change the number of posts to be displayed to one.

Next up, we'll get into some of the more detailed steps that involve HTML codes you can take to finish turning your blog into a webpage.

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