Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Non Wedding Related: Puppy Episode, Part Two

part one

This is gonna be bad....I can already tell.

I'm already bragging about our new baby and we don't even have him yet!  But just to be clear, we will love and adore this puppy, but he will not be our "child" or even our "furbaby."  I'm sorry to those of you it may offend, I just can't stand that term.  We won't dress him in clothes, and he won't be eating table food.  Other than that though, he'll probably be spoiled rotten.

Here is his three week picture that I just found posted online.

I say him, but really there are these two males that we need to choose from.  We get to do that this Sunday!! Mr. T and I will be driving up to Wisconsin on our one year anniversary to pick him out =]  I can't wait to see the two little guys, and hopefully the decision between the two will be easy.  Since they're both adorable, and very similar in color, we'll be making our choice based on their personalities.
I'll let you guys know when we decide.  Maybe even throw in a couple pictures of the pup and me and Mr. T.

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