Monday, November 16, 2009

I'm Kind of Tapped Out

Sorry guys, but I'm kind of officially out of things to say for awhile.  I'm in the middle of so many different projects, and I really don't want to share them all with you until they are finished, so it might get a little boring around here for the next couple of weeks.
I'll try not to let that happen though I promise!  I believe I still have some inspiration type posts for some things that I can share with you.

But just so you don't give up on me completely, here's a list of things I'm working on and will share with you shortly. (And my progress, as an estimate to when you might expect to see it)

-Flower girl's tulle "tutu" skirt
-Invitations (I just did another overhaul on the design)
-Quilted cosmetic bags (Mock up is made)
-Table squares (They're all cut and in the process of being ironed and sewn)
-Pocket squares (Waiting to be cut and sewn)
-Tulle pomander (I'd say about 80% finished)
-Cocktail napkins (I had the stamp made!)
-Guestbook (Probably 90% done)

And yes, I'm currently working on all of these things.  For one reason or another, I couldn't just finish one before starting something new.

And then on the not so near future list, but things I'll be doing at some point:
-Out of town bags
-Aisle runner
And most likely 20+ other things I'll come up with between now and then.

Also, my wedding dress will be coming in within the next 5 weeks!!!  I still haven't decided if I'll reveal it to you in its entirety, or just give you sneak peaks until my wedding day.  But chances are I'll probably show you.

Oooh and I bought two dresses this weekend and forgot to take pictures, so this coming weekend when I go home I'll slip them on and show you how fabulous they are!

So see?? I told you there will be lots of good things coming up.  Just don't give up on me yet!


  1. No's good to take a break for a while. Although with me, I can talk weddings every day if someone will listen :) Can't wait to see your DIY stuff come together. We are working on the final overhaul on our own invitations :)

  2. I'm actually in the process of making quite a few of those things, too! I just can't finish one project before starting another. I'm excited to see how everything turns out (especially your tutu and tulle pomander!) - I love seeing different takes on similar ideas!

  3. I'll hang in there with you! :) Can't wait to see all the projects you're working on! I'm the same way, working on multiple things at once.


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