Friday, November 13, 2009

Invitation Inspiration

I suppose it's that time.  I've been putting it off long enough because I don't want to get you guys too excited.  Personally, invitaitons and paper products are my favorite parts when reading blogs.  Sometimes I skip over the super serious stuff, I skim through the honeymoon pictures, but I stop in my tracks when they get to their save the dates, invitations, and all things paper. 
It may have something to do with the large paper collection I have.  Last year a scrapbooking store was going out of business at school and I bought up probably 300 sheets of 12x12 paper for around $25.  Add that to the already growing collection, and let's just say, scrapbooking is always fun.
So anyways, now you know why I've been holding off.  If it was me reading this post, I'd start to get super anxious for the finished product to show up.  But, that won't be happening for awhile, so please don't get too excited!

I started an Invitations folder probably a week or two before we got engaged, and ever since I've been adding to it.  All of the pictures, for one reason or another caught my eye and yelled "Save me!" "Pick me!" "Create me to send to all of your friends and family!"  But of course not every single one of them could be sent out, so it really took me awhile and lots of revisions to come up with a happy blend of them all.

p.s. I don't have sources for these, so please let me know if you where who they belong to!

All but a couple of these played a major inspirational role when I was creating my mock-up.  Keep your eyes open, because at some point, before May anyways, I will be unveiling my labor of love.


  1. Oh, I always love checking out other bride's invitation ideas. There are just so many options available. It really is a matter of personal style meshed with the tone you want to set for your event. Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  2. I'm loving your inspiration pictures! I drool over paper products too, and am currently working on a ton myself!


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