Sunday, November 22, 2009

Our One Year Anniversary

I'm saving all the sweet nothings for the card I made Mr. T, so I figured the least I could do was share with you the night it all really began.

I already shared with you the day I first layed eyes on Mr. T.  And if you'll remember from that post, the Superfriends more or less introduced us and got things rolling.  Until this point, I had only seen him twice.  Once, an unassuming occasion when we both happened to be in the same place, and then again at Sarah and Keith's wedding where we shared a couple dances and he bought me drinks illegally, shh!

But when things really started was the following weekend at the Superfriends Thanksgiving Dinner.  It was the Saturday before Thanksgiving, November 22, and we were all at Tony's house gearing up for a fantastic night of food, drinks, and friendship.  We had a lot to eat, and a lot to drink, and afterwards it was time to bust out the drinking games.  Beer pong was our game of choice that night and after watching people partner up, I asked Mr. T if he'd be my partner.  He tried to tell me no, and I insisted.  And guess who won?  If you guessed me, you'd be correct.  I can be stubborn, but it didn't take too much convincing on my part.  And it's probably a good thing I stuck at it, because I believe that it was solely responsible for the beginning of our relationship.

After a few games, I decided he was cute and told my friend it was time to start flirting.  Keep in mind, there was a lot of alcohol flowing by this point.  I'll stop for a moment and let Mr. T voice his opinion on the subject.
We were at a friend's party and she kept stealing my hat. I resisted her flirtation for as long as I could. But eventually my interest in her won over my will to stay single because of my career change. I told her that I wanted to move to Minnesota, coach college football, fish a lot, hunt when I could, and raise a family. She said, "that sounds good." I had never met anyone that thought my plan was a good idea before.
Up until this point I was unaware that he was "willing himself to stay single" but at one point in the night he brought me upstairs to the computer and Googled a map of MN and told me exactly what he was planning on doing with his life.  And at that very moment I agreed that moving to MN was a good idea and I was totally on board with it!  What?!  Yes, alcohol does funny things.
So the night continued.  At one point we had our "first kiss" which neither of us remember with total clarity, and at some other point, his dad came out to the party and I convinced him he should play a game of beer pong with us.  I also taught him how to use an iPod and he was the unofficial DJ for about an hour.

So if you're keeping track, I was apparently a total flirt, agreed to moving to MN, we had our first kiss, AND I met his dad.  All in one night.  Wonderful.

Eventually the night settled down, we sobered up a little, and we got to talking about who we really are, and what we want in life.  We talked for hours into the early morning, and at one point he gave me his phone number.  His excuse was that his was dead, so he couldn't get mine.

The next day we both happened to be at Sarah and Keiths and sat next to each other through an entire movie.  And the day after that he called me and we went for ice cream.  And the day after that, and the one after that...and here we are today, one year later.  Most of the time you hear I can't believe it's already been a year, and while that's true, I also can't believe it's only been a year.


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