Thursday, June 10, 2010

PWC: Everybody's Doing It!

I feel like I've been keeping a huge secret from all of you.  You see, there's something kind of big I haven't told you.  And I've been holding back for three weeks now!
I was really hoping to get my camera charger so I could show you a couple of relevant pictures...but I guess these taken from my computer will have to do.
I chopped off all my hair!!

I made an appointment for Monday morning right after the wedding and had it all taken off before we left for our honeymoon.  I realized during the wedding, when my hair was down and it was so hot, that I was never going to make it through the summer with all of that hair.
So I sat down in the chair and I told her I wanted it all gone.  And as she was cutting, I wasn't even nervous! I think I was looking forward to that day for quite awhile =]

Hopefully soon I'll have my charger so I can show you some more cute pictures, and recap my honeymoon as well!


  1. Love it! Its so cute! :) Cant wait to see your wedding pics the set up of the tent looks the colors.

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  3. Yay! Doesn't it feel oh so lovely? ;) I just did mine yesterday, and I feel about 10 lbs lighter!

  4. LOVE IT! So cute. I can't wait to do it myself!!!

  5. Aw, it looks so great! I just got my hair cut a couple weeks ago but it was just mostly a trim...took about 2-3 inches off and added some extra long layers. Didn't want to go too drastic because we may still be doing a 'day after' wedding shoot in my gown again. :)

  6. LOVE IT! I had my PWC the day after and need another one BAD!!!!

  7. It looks great! And I bet it feels sooo good to have it all gone. I hope to get mine soon!


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