Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Three State Honeymoon: The Surprise!

I might be the worst blogger ever right now.  In the last three parts of this honeymoon post, I've hinted at a surprise multiple times, and then I just left you all with nothing! I'm so sorry.  There aren't really any excuses...just life getting in the way!

But I'm back now, and I'm ready to share our exciting news with you.  And for those of you that might have been thinking baby...think again! I wish that was our news, but in our little one bedroom house right now, with a grad student's just isn't happening!!  A couple more years...

But our news does get us one more step closer to having that baby!  Remember how we were looking at land?? Well we're currently under contract for 40 acres of raw land 30 minutes south of Duluth.  We found the perfect lot while we were up there looking on our honeymoon.  We've already negotiated the price with the owners and we've gotten preapproved and done all of the financing.  Now the title agent is looking into everything to make sure there aren't any leans or easements on the land and that the previous owners actually own the title to the land.
Once all of that goes through, we'll close on the 30th of this month!!

Would you like to see some pictures?
 You come in 3 miles on a gravel road, which curves to the right and ends in a dead end with a lady and her farm at the end.  So if you picture the corner going to the right, our land would be in the nook of the corner.
This is looking out at the road before it curves; you can see our truck sitting out on the road.  On the left is an inset of trees, and the land goes on the other side of that as well.  From where we're standing, a driveway would come up along the tree line and then turn and head back down so there is a turn around.  Our future house will sit right where we're standing!
This is the same standing point, but turned around facing away from the road, so this would be our "backyard."
Here's the same standing point, but looking more towards the trees, or the side of the house.
And here we are, standing in what will eventually become our home!  I absolutely cannot wait =]

The added bonus?? See all of the trees along the side of the road?  On each side of the curve, our land backs up to 50,000 acres of state land.  All of which Josh and his brothers and dad can go hunting on.  Some of the land we were looking at was heavily wooded which would be great for hunting.  But with this land being so open, we won't have to worry about trees falling on our house and having to be constantly cleaning and maintaining falling and dead trees.  We have all of the same benefit with the state land, but we won't have to be responsible for any of it!

So that's our exciting news.  We're heading up there on Wednesday to show his parents while they're here visiting.  I'm going to try and take some better pictures then.  And then with any luck, we can close on time on the 30th!  I'll keep you all updated on the progress.  And eventually I'll show you all the floorplans that I've been drawing up.  We're still a couple years out from building, but it's exciting to get ready!

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  1. THAT IS SOOOO COOL!!! One of the downfalls to living in urban-suburbia I guess. There's no such thing as undeveloped land around here. ;)

  2. very exciting! So blessed to be able to do all of this so quickly - well, sort of :) Hope it all works out well for you two.

    And I am wishing I would have had you make my parasols for me before our wedding...oh well.

  3. YAYYYYYY! That's so exciting for you guys! I dream about living in an area like that... it'll be wonderful for you both!

  4. Woo hoo!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! Ditto to what kjpugs said--I DREAM about living on land like that!

  5. yayyyyyyyyyy so excited for you girl! :) congrats... next time i'm in minnesota we are meeting up!!!!

  6. Thanks guys!!
    And Laura...let's definitely do that!! Do you come through often? haha

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  8. EEEEEEE!!! That is SO EXCITING!! Omg imagine the FUN you'll have there (once there's a house and all that.) Oh you should TOTALLY start a new blog documenting the process of building your new house!! Congrats, girl!!!

  9. Em I definitely plan on doing that!! Those are some of my favorite blogs to look at right now. We probably won't build for about two years. We'll be in St. Paul for one more year until Josh is done with his Master's. So then probably the following spring we'll start! I can't wait...I want to fast forward right now!


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