Monday, June 14, 2010

Our Three State Honeymoon: Wisconsin

When we left off, we were all packed up and ready to leave Illinois.

Want to know where we were headed?!  We decided to go up to Wisconsin Dells for a few days and then head over to our campground for Memorial Day weekend and camp with some family and friends.  We found a great deal online for The Polynesian Hotel where we could stay for $49.99/night for any size room since it was during the weekday and the off season.  (Their normal season didn't start until that weekend.)  We picked the queen size bed with a whirlpool tub.  We should have just picked the king size bed because we didn't even turn on the water in the tub.  And I was a really bad blogger, and forget to take pictures of this hotel as well.  It was actually really nice.  It had a separate little room when you first walked in with a couch and table and chairs and a TV and then it walked through a little hallway with the bathroom off to the side and into the bedroom with the whirpool, bed, dresser, and TV stand.  We even had a door that walked out to a patio set by the pool.

By the time we got there on Monday night all we were ready for was some dinner and then bed.  We ate at Famous Dave's, took a dip in the pool, and then headed to bed.
Tuesday morning we got up and wandered into town to find some breakfast and then we walked up and down the strip wandering in and out of some stores.  Now, I don't know if it's just me, but it seems WAY less cool than when I was there years ago.  I don't if it's because I was a little kid, or if it was because it was still the off season.  But there weren't any people, and a lot of the shops and attractions weren't open yet.  So we went back to the hotel to see if we could check out early.  They said since it was past check out time, that we would have to keep our room for the night.  So we decided to make the most of it. 

First we went and took a Jet Boat tour on the Upper Dells.  We got on a big boat with bench seats and took a tour of the river.  This boat was basically a large jetski and it could stop on a dime, and spin a complete circle in place.  It was a lot of fun, and a little wet!
Waiting in line to get our tickets.
Mr. T after the first spraying on the boat.
I don't remember what this was called, but it's the last place the sun hits when it's setting at the end of the day.  I guess they take sunset dinner cruises out to that spot.
Our pretty wedding bands!

Then we headed over to the other side of the Dells and took a Ducks Boat Tour.  This was the one thing that Mr. T really wanted to do, because he remembered doing it when he was younger.  I believe it was a 7 mile ride, that went through trails and into the river and back out again.  Our tour guide was pretty funny too, so that didn't hurt!
You'd think by now that I'd know how to take some relevant pictures, seeing as how I've been blogging for over a year.  Like maybe one of us with the Duck, or something like that.  We did have some nice pictures taken of us by the photographer at each place, but they wanted to sell it to us for like $30 bucks and that definitely wasn't happening!

Then we went back to our room and got all done up to go out to dinner.  We saw a sign outside a Mexican restaurant for 1/2 price margaritas on Tuesdays, so that was our plan.
We have to have at least one kissing picture right?! It's our honeymoon =]
Delicious margaritas...we got a pitcher!
We got guacamole as an appetizer, and they actually brought out all of the ingredients to the table and made it to your specifications.  We made the most delicious recipe, and we've been replicating it at home quite frequently.  We used avocados, tomatoes, minced garlic, lime juice, salt, and cilantro.  It was AMAZING!

After dinner we went back to the hotel and headed down to the pool for awhile.  We wanted to get in the hot tub, but had to deal with two kids making out like they were never going to see each other again.  They looked like they were maybe 15.  It was gross.  I told Mr. T we should just hop in there next to them and give them a taste of their own medicine.  Instead we just sat in the pool talking loud enough for them to hear about how gross it was.  They got up soon enough and left.

Then we went back to the room and plotted out our plans for our impromptu next stop.  Find out where we went tomorrow!


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