Saturday, June 12, 2010

Our Three State Honeymoon: Illinois

I hope you're all ready to join me on our journey through our honeymoon week!  It's quite an adventure, and it has some surprising news at the end, so stay tuned!

We really didn't know where we wanted to go or how much money we wanted to spend, so we didn't have anything booked until after the wedding.  At first I was 100% about spending a bunch of money and going down south and out of the country and enjoying a week somewhere all-inclusive and just enjoying our newlywed bliss.  Mr. T wasn't having that.  Then as the year went on, he was starting to turn towards the idea, and I was slowly turning away after thinking about what we could do with the money instead.  Then we both didn't want to.  And right at the end, I really wanted to again!  So as you can see, it was a little bit of a mess.

At the end of the wedding night, we stayed in a nice hotel room near the reception hall and enjoyed our massive king sized suite.  Here's the only picture I have from the night.
My handsome husband!

The next morning we got up and had breakfast with his family that was staying in the hotel and then we headed over to pack up the reception hall.  Then it was out to my parents' house for a nice catered brunch with anyone that was still in town. (Unfortunately there aren't any pictures from here either.)  Our pool was open and a little chilly, but we sat around the edge with our toes in the water, and a few brave souls jumped in!  It was really hot that day.
So we ate and we enjoyed our families some more, and then we opened presents!!  We opened all the gifts, and then took the envelopes to open later at the hotel.  We decided to stay in town for one more night so we could get everything packed up in the morning and head out.  We got back and relaxed in bed and opened up all of the cards that were in the cardbox.  It probably took a good hour to get through them all and read what everyone wrote.  It wasn't until Sunday night that we decided where to stay, and even then, nothing was booked until Monday morning!

We got up Monday morning and Mr. T headed out to his parents' house to take care of stuff, and I went and got my hair cut!  Then we packed up the truck and made our way to our next destination.

Stay tuned to find out where state number two took us!


  1. Omg you are so on top of things with your recaps. Jealous. One day I'll get my crap together.

    I'm excited to read about your honeymoon!!

  2. Haha ... hardly! I just finally got my camera charger...and I STILL don't have anything from my photographer, so this is as good as it gets for now!


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