Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Great Site To Check Out!

Throughout this whole process (it's been over a year that I've been blogging now!) I've been introduced to so many new ideas and websites and giveaways that I'm sure I wouldn't have encountered otherwise.  I've been fortunate enough to even win some freebies!  It's definitely been an experience and I've been glad to share it with all of you.

One of the sites I've come across has been CSN Stores.  It's one great location that has over 200+ online stores where you can find anything and everything you could possibly imagine from cookware to cribs, to LED lighting and household decor.  As many of you are new brides, or soon to be...and if you're anything like I am, you'll be getting some serious nesting desires and this is a great place to turn.

So head on over to their site and take a look around! And then if you happen to pop back over here tomorrow you might just find an unexpected surprise.


  1. What's the unexpected surprise? I went back and nothing was different...

  2. It's on the next post! I'm having a giveaway for their store for a $50 online gift certificate.

  3. oh haha, I thought you meant to check back to the CSN store...lol stupid!


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