Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happily After All: A Crazy Lady The Morning Of

Remember how I told you I was still working on projects the morning of my wedding??  Well not only that, but I was also running around in town and going to the store and our reception venue and picking up pictures and finishing decorating and sewing sashes and getting ready.  It was a crazy, crazy morning!

I woke up around 7:30am after only about 6 hours of sleep.  It was finally the day of our wedding, the day I had been looking forward to for over a year, but I couldn't enjoy it just yet!  The vinyl I had picked up at Walmart had to be cut and turned into this:
All photos are by our wonderful photographer Brandy Swartz of Photography by Brandy unless otherwise noted.  This particular one is cropped by me.
I borrowed this sign from my boss who had used it for her daughter and niece's wedding.  I left on the congratulations and stars and the line at the bottom, and just peeled off the previous names and date and replaced it with our own.  It went very quickly with my Cricut doing all the cutting.  I did run out of vinyl though and my sister had to run back into town to get some more.  She actually couldn't find any, so we just cut out the 2, 2010 in white paper and taped it on! I don't think anyone even noticed.

Then I had to run into town and grab some pictures from Walgreen's and finish filling all of my family tree picture frames.
Unfortunately I had to pull the pictures of our cousins because I didn't have time to grab a couple extra frames that I didn't have.  That was supposed to happen Friday, but I ran out of time!  So it ended up just being our parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles.  Hopefully the cousins didn't feel left out.

I also had to stop in town at our grocery store and place an order to have two dozen white and green balloons blown up.  They were busier than I was hoping so I had to pay for them and arrange for someone else to pick them up and put them on these signs:
Cropped by me.

I also had to finish filling the kids bags with treats and coloring books and bring those out to the reception venue.  There was also a couple of touch ups and additions that had to be made out there as well.  I still had to print out the poem and scripture for our reader, and I had to make sure everyone was going to be where they should be on time.

During all of this, my girls were at my house getting ready without me!  I didn't get back to the house until around 10:30 and we were supposed to be completely ready to go by 11:30 to have some quick lunch and then get dressed and do pictures with our photographer.  Think maybe I was running just a little bit behind??  It gets better...just wait!

In case you've missed anything...
Decorating the Reception Hall
Honoring Our Family
The Rehearsal


  1. You are truly a nut job...really. I don't know how you did it. No way in hell would I have been doing *any* of that on my wedding day. But sounds like it was your thing and you were on a mission so good for you for gettin' it done :)

  2. Oh goodness! My morning was crazy too, but not quite that bad! We were finishing the flower girl tutus, but the reason we were running late was more because of bridal party members (sisters - grrr) not being on time. I'm sure you'll get to read all about it when I start recaps!

  3. Sounds crazy!

    We went to the hairdressers at 8 so would have had no time to do anything!

  4. I just spent three days reading your whole blog! You inspired me to start my own blog (elevensquared.blogspot.com)!

    I am 17 months away from my wedding, so still in the early stages.

    Glad to hear your wedding went well and can't wait to see the pictures!


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