Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

This year, I get to celebrate two fathers on Father's Day!!

My dad...the man who I've looked up to my whole life, and who I've based my moral compass on.  He's the reason I knew to never settle, and continued to keep looking until Josh came into my life.  He's done everything for my mom, and the two of us girls and I could probably never thank him for it enough.

And this, is my new dad! My father-in-law.  In a house of all guys, I'm their first "daughter" and I'm glad to fill the role!  He did an amazing job raising Josh and teaching him how to be a man.  I'm so lucky that I got a great set of in-laws.

We're spending this Father's Day with my father-in-law, and we're also celebrating his father's birthday today.  So we're heading over to the grandparents later today for dinner.  My dad is camping this weekend, so I'll make sure to call him up and tell him I love him!

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  1. Your dad(s!) are so cute!!!! Hope you had a wonderful father's day with you FIL!


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