Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Happily after All: The Pre-Processional

After we got to the church and did a little switcharoo, and once all of the guests had arrived, it was time to get this show on the road.  I hid out in the fellowship hall while everyone was arriving, because I wanted the first time most people saw me to be while I was walking down the aisle.  As time drew near, Mr. T and the pastors snuck into the front of the church and hung out in a little closet sized room, waiting for the ceremony to begin.
 The guests had all taken their seats, including the little ones...
...and it was time to begin.
We were actually surprisingly on time, given all that had gone on that morning.  The guests were all able to find their ways to the church, and most had allotted themselves enough time to get all the way out there on time.
While that was all happening, we were starting to line up in the fellowship hall.  I finally got to come out of hiding in the kitchen, and said hi to a few stragglers who were on their way in.
(personal photo)

I gave myself a once over in the mirror, and my mom made sure my dad was good to go.  It was nice to see them both alone for a moment before everything got going.  My mom was already crying at this point, and it took a lot to keep the tears from flowing myself.
(personal photo)

And then my dad and I practiced with my veil to make sure he didn't mess up my hair!  I couldn't tell him about it the night before at the rehearsal, because I was trying to keep as many details about my attire a secret from Mr. T.  At first I was totally against it, but I'm glad I changed my mind and decided to wear the veil as a blusher.  It felt so bridal to me!
(personal photo)

Then we all got lined up in the hallway to the church.  It took me back to my highschool cheerleading days, when we would line up on this big ramp at State, getting ready to go out on the main floor to perform.  That was the only point of the day that I really got nervous.  And I've have to say I was probably more anxious than nervous.  I was SO ready to get the ceremony started and finally marry my man.

The ceremony got started with the moms being walked in by two of the ushers.
Mr. T's mom was first, and she waited at the front of the aisle for my mom.

Then my mom followed, and they both walked up to the altar to light the two sides of the unity candle.  I could tell you what music was playing right now, but I honestly don't remember, and it wasn't included in the program for whatever reason.  I think I just had the organist transition from the music he had been playing while guests were arriving, into a new song.  I might have been specified, but not sure!

They walked up the stairs together and took the side candles, lighting them from the candles that were already burning on the altar.  And then they took their seats.

After that, the two ushers that walked them forward, rolled the aisle runner towards the back of the church.  I learned afterward, from hearing it from others that this was quite the task.  The plastic was never taken off the runner, so first it had to be taken out of its package.  And then it wouldn't unroll because it wasn't pinned well enough into the ground.  So as an afterthought, future brides, I would definitely say to you, make sure your runner is ready to go so it doesn't take forever, and make your ushers look silly.
I don't know if I ever told you guys, but I had planned on doing a custom aisle runner, but  few things led up to the decision not to do it.  I originally wanted to lay down the runner and close off the center aisle so that only the wedding party would walk down it, but the side aisles were way too small to seat the guests with.  And I wasn't sure that it would hold up nicely with all of the guests walking all over it.  Then I thought about painting it and rolling it back up, but that just seemed a little too daunting as it would have to be totally unrolled to get to the section to be painted.  So I just gave it up.

Then it was time for Mr. T and the pastors to come out and the processional to begin.
At any given time, Mr. T has on what I and all of our friends like to call his "angry face."  I don't think that he realizes he's doing it though.  But there he is, angrily waiting for me to walk down the aisle =]  Just kidding of course!

Next up:  The actual processional (I know I've said it like 5 times now!)

Unless otherwise stated, all pictures are by Brandy Swartz of Photography by Brandy.

In case you've missed anything...


  1. I am loving your recaps! I love seeing how my favorite bride friends' weddings turned out. :) I refused to let our ushers unroll our aisle runner because I knew it would be a huge hassle and they wouldn't care what it looked like. So I laid it out after our rehearsal and pinned it down and then we blocked off the aisle. I guess it was sort of a blessing in disguise that the church had chairs instead of pews (although I was originally so sad about that) because they were able to just take off a chair on each row along the side aisles so there was plenty of room to seat the guests that way. Everything looks beautiful, though!

  2. I LOVE the blusher on you!! Love it.

  3. All the photos are wonderful :) The blusher ^ does look nice! :)

    We have the same runner and I'm painting our monogram on the bottom. It is very daunting having to unroll the whole runner to get to that section.. not looking forward to it :) haha

  4. I love the pic of your dad practicing with the veil. So sweet.


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