Friday, July 30, 2010

Happily After All: Heading to the Church!

After getting into my dress, and finalizing all of the finishing touches, we were ready to head to the church!
I don't know that I touched on it at all, but we had a bus for the day of the wedding.  My uncle (or ex uncle I suppose) owns a bar in town and has a small mini bus for trips to sports games/driving drunks home/etc.  I asked him if we could use it for our wedding day.  It would fit 13 people and a driver.  It was perfect for the wedding party.
Originally he was going to charge us the family rate of $10/hr and then we just had to fill the tank at the end of the day.  As time went on and I verified times with him, he said we could just have it for free, tip the driver, and fill it up.  What a great deal!
Earlier in the day it picked up the boys from the country club where they dropped their cars off and took them out to the church, and then it turned around and came to get us girls.

So we boarded the bus and had a nice relaxing 20 minute trip out to the church.  It was nice to finally have a breathing moment in the day, and just goof around and laugh with my favorite ladies.
All four are personal photos.

As we were pulling up to the church, we were there about 45 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start.  We had to do some coordinating so that Mr. T and I didn't run into each other.
We stepped off the bus and headed inside.  Mr. T was hiding in the kitchen of the fellowship hall.  While he stayed in there, I hopped into the bathroom, and then he left, and I headed in.  It's such a small church so it was a little tricky making sure that we didn't cross paths.
The girls and I hung around inside until it was ready to get lined up.  We had some fun chatting and taking pictures.  At this point, I made my little heartfelt speech to them.  I told them I had intended to write them each a letter about how much they meant to me and how glad I was to have them in my life, but that I didn't get to it!  So I told them instead, and it was just as nice.
(personal photo)
This is my favorite from in there.  It shows a great shot of the belts I made to accent the dresses.  Aren't these girls gorgeous?

While we were all hiding out in the kitchen, things were starting to happen outside!
The boys were playing around...
My dad was helping people find their way...
Guests were starting to arrive...
And my future hubby was saying his hellos...

And then before I knew it, it was time to start lining up.  But first I want to show you my favorite pre-ceremony picture.  Even though Mr. T and I weren't doing a first look, I still wanted to get a picture of us together before we were married.  So while I was in the bathroom and he was coming out of the kitchen, I hollered for Brandy to snap this particular picture.  Mr. T thought it was ridiculous, but I'm so glad we did it!

Next up:  Getting excited, and the wedding processional!

Unless otherwise stated, all pictures are by Brandy Swartz of Photography by Brandy.

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  1. I love pre-wedding pictures like that. They're so my favorites. I wish we would have been able to do something like that for our wedding.

    Btw, you looked gorgeous!

  2. Oh....I love those pictures! I think I'll try and incorporate a pic like that too. Very cute.
    And I agree with Ashley....super gorgeous! ;)

  3. That is such a cute picture before the ceremony!

  4. Mr Fix It also thought a lot of the shots and things I wanted for the wedding were ridiculous but I never listened to him. :)

    I love the shots of you ladies in the bus...especially in the sunglasses. Everyone looks hot!

  5. That picture is adorable. That's some serious self control too - I give you guys tons of credit. I wouldn't have been able to resist peeking. ;)

  6. My wedding colors are exactly the same as yours! I love your BM dresses & what a great idea for the pic (although he didn't think so). We don't plan on doing a first look either, but I may hafta snag this idea!

  7. Love love the pic of yall before the wedding! I so want one like that since we won't be doing a first look either!

  8. I love the around the door picture! And your bridesmaid dresses are TO DIE FOR. Seriously. I want to be one of your bridesmaids.


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