Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happily After All: Bridal Party Portraits

Okay, this should be the last boring post.  These are going to be the formal pictures we took of the bridal party and a few of Mr. T and I.  You may or may not agree with me that they're boring, but I'm not a huge fan of posed, forced pictures.  I promise there will be more fun ones of us all a little later on.

We attempted to take a few pictures with the flower girl and ring bearer.  But at this point, they were hot, tired and ready to go home.  Ella was being a little crabby so Mr. T took it upon himself to cheer her up a little.

After she hung upside for awhile and got a smile back on her face, we took some pictures with the two of them.  We didn't get one of them actually looking at the camera, but they're still cute all the same.

We only took a couple with the entire wedding party, instead of doing individuals here.  Those come in a later post, and are much cuter than they could have been standing in this church.
We added in the ushers for this second picture.

Then we did a few pictures of Mr. T and I and called it a day.  For this part anyways.
First up, my handsome husband.
And a couple of me.
 And then us, husband and wife!

And that's that!  All of the church portraits are finished.  Hope you made it out okay.  The pictures to follow are some of my favorites so make sure you stick around for those.

Next up:  Bride and groom portraits...but good ones!

Unless otherwise stated, all pictures are by Brandy Swartz of Photography by Brandy.

In case you've missed anything...


  1. I loove the last one on the right! I wish we had one like that (or of just the two of us at the front of the church in general). Boo.

  2. Haha - loving the pics of the upside down flower girl! Cute.

  3. The pics of him playing with the flower girl - her dress all poofy & blurry... they're adorable!!

  4. Love the kids pictures! And what a fun way to cheer her up...upside down!

  5. LOL Josh looks like he is great with kids! Which is a big pro!! :)

    Clearly the flower girl pic is everyone's fave! What cutie kids!

  6. Oh, thank goodness that little girl did not cry but instead laughed when she was carried that way. The kids are so cute.

  7. They are really nice and cute pictures. you used nice and sober colors, and your wedding dress si a real beauty.


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