Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happily After All: The Family Portraits, Part Two

Sorry if I bored you all yesterday with part one of the family pictures.  I know it can be kind of boring to look at a bunch of pictures of people you don't know.  But part of the reason I write this blog is for myself and to be able to look back at our wedding, and this is an important part of it.
So you'll only have to put up with two more boring family picture post today and then we'll get into some more fun stuff!

Today we're going to focus on our immediate family pictures, and turn the bridal party portraits and some formals of Mr. T and I tomorrow. 

We'll start with some pictures of my family.  First we did pictures with just me and my family, and then we brought in Mr. T.

First me and my mommy:
And my dad:
With both of my parents:
And then with my sis:
My mom and her girls:
And my dad and the two of us:
And the four of us:
We hadn't taken a family picture in ages, so it was nice to have this one.

And of course we had to get Mr. T into the family picture, since he was now technically a member.

Then it was time for Mr. T and his family.  I haven't seen a recent picture of them all together that wasn't at least 5 years old, so I'm sure his mom will be very glad to have these around.

Mr. T and his mom:
And his dad:
With both of his parents:
Then a picture of the boys:
His mom and her sons:
His dad and his boys:
And the whole gang:
And then I jumped in, as the daughter they never had.

We also took a couple of Mr. T and I with both of our parents.  They're so cute, they get together all the time without us now that they're back in IL without us.

Next up:  Bridal party portraits

Unless otherwise stated, all pictures are by Brandy Swartz of Photography by Brandy.

In case you've missed anything...
Family Portraits, part one

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  1. OMG I love your familyyyy! I love looking at families and seeing where they get their smile or their eyes, etc, from.


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