Friday, April 17, 2009

My Bridesmaids

I have the greatest friends. Really that's all there is to it. And everyone knows you have to have your best friends there for you on your wedding day. Asking these girls to be in my wedding party was a no brainer for me. In fact, after getting engaged and calling everyone to tell them the good news, I blurted out to each of them that they just had to be my bridesmaid.
So, let me introduce to you the ladies that will be standing up for me at my wedding.

S and I in Chicago this May...can't you tell how much she loves me?!!
S is my sister. Has been my whole life. Well her whole life anyways. She is 2 years younger than me and goes to school in Chicago. Growing up my mom always told me "You better start getting along with your sister, she is the only one you have!" We were the kind of sisters who fought, CONSTANTLY. Usually it was about silly stuff like her taking my clothes without asking, or simply the fact that she bugged me often. But now that we've both moved away to school we get along great! Imagine that =]
Bridesmaid "BH"
BH and I celebrating "Unofficial" at U of I 2 years ago
BH has been my best friend for pretty much my whole life. I met her the day she was born, although I don't really remember since I was only 4 months old. Her parents introduced my parents and they live right down the road from us. They're great family friends, emphasis on the family part. So needless to say, she has been a huge part of my entire life. (An interesting side note: BH and S are roommates in Chicago. I always find it funny because BH is "my friend" and BH's sister is S's friend)
Bridesmaid "BW"
BW and I camping in Wisconsin in 2006.

BH lives in Wisconsin and got engaged the same day I did!! Her and her Mr. are getting married a month after me (yay!). There are pictures of us in diapers together, that's how long I've known this girl. BH is also a cousin. But she's not mine. BH and BW are cousins. You see we have kind of adopted BHs entire 50+ extended family. (They're all coming to the wedding too!!)

Bridesmaid "A"

A and I in my dormroom my Freshman year.

A and I met my sophomore year of highschool when she transferred in as a freshman and joined the soccer team. It took only a matter of weeks for us to become inseparable. I hardly ever get to see A anymore because she goes to school in Iowa and is super busy!!! But when we do manage to catch up it's like we haven't missed a beat.

Bridesmaid "K"

K and I going to the Superfriends Wedding in November.

K and I went to the same highschool too, but didn't really become friends until the summer after I graduated. And by becoming friends, I really mean we became family. She has always been more like a sister than a friend. We fight sometimes, but always get over it and move on! I credit my freshman year of college survival to her very regular visits on the weekends.

These girls have all played such major roles in my life and I couldn't imagine them not being there for the biggest day so far!

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