Friday, April 17, 2009


Green Spider Mum
(This is the color I want my dresses to be)
Green Chrysanthemum or Button Pom
Green Zinnia
Green Roses
Mini Green HydrangeasI love the looks of this bouquet. This will be mine if I want it to be all green, I haven't decided yet. I like the picture below too. It will definitely be the girls' flowers, just in a smaller version of my own if that's what I do.

I'm thinking about doing something like this with mine. It will not have the daisies or the lilies but I like the overall feel of it.  I will go with roses, ranunculuses, peonies, and other big white fluffy flowers.
I love these little pomanders, or "kissing balls." I think they would make adorable decorations. I've also seen pictures of bridesmaids carrying a bouquet like this. They also look cute hanging off the end of pews:

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