Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Rehearsal Dinner

Mr. T's dad has taken on the task of organizing our Rehearsal Dinner.  I guess the rehearsal dinner is the groom's responsibility, which I wasn't aware of, but he was and is super excited about doing it.  He looked around town and picked out the place all on his own and is getting really into it.  He's really big into food and is set on having an open bar as well.  There aren't a lot of options around our town that can hold a group of 60 and that have a bar as well.  Luckily he landed on a place we all love.  It's a great local hangout that gets a lot of business around 1:00 AM when the bars let out.  It's a truckstop located just off the highway and is open 24 hours.  But don't let that fool you, it has amazing food and gets just as much business during normal hours.
It's called R-Place and has been a staple around Morris for ages.  It's just off I-80, and I highly recommend it if you're ever traveling that part of the highway.
This is the back room of the restaurant that we'll all be in for the night.  You can catch just a small glimpse of what the rest of the place looks like.  I wish I had taken pictures of the rest of the decorations, because it really is awesome.  It's overflowing with things from way back when.  You could spend hours in there looking at it all and still find something new the next time you go back.
The guy in charge of events will be setting up the tables in two long rows on each side with the middle area being clear and the front of the room as well.  Where you see the computer screen in the last picture, he'll set up a bar with beer and liqour of our choice.  We've decided to do the menu banquet style, and that will be lined up just outside of the room.
The Menu
Pot Roast
Fried Chicken
BBQ Ribs
Garlic mashed
Cheese tortellini
Baked beans
Iceberg lettuce with various dressings
Potato salad
Macaroni salad
Tortellini pasta salad
Cole slaw
Assorted fruit tray
Vegetable tray

All non alcoholic drinks are included.  We're getting all of this for just $14.95 per person and that includes tax.  They leave the gratuity up to us, dependent on the service.

Now that the place is settled I can start working up mock invites for the rehearsal and the dinner.  I'm also thinking some cute signage for the buffet to let everyone know what they're eating.

How did you guys decide on your rehearsal dinner spot; is it a local favorite?

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  1. WOW, everything looks and sounds so awesome!! My fiance mentioned that he wanted to plan the rehearsal dinner too and I was surprised. But happy! Now I need to start bugging him to find a venue to host it though because we're down to the last 5 months. Everything is happening so fast!

  2. What a great deal, and it'll be so nice to have a private room!

  3. We were super excited when Mr Fix It's mom and dad told us they wanted to pick up the bill for the rehearsal dinner. Especially since it is going to be about 45 people. If they hadn't done it, I had it on Mr Fix It's list of financial responsibilities as it is in fact the groom's deal according to etiquette...which I don't usually follow :) We were actually out to dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Newport Beach one night and I thought, why don't we have our rehearsal here? We love the food, it's inexpensive, great atmosphere and decor and they have a banquet room upstairs! Mr Fix It mentioned that his sister had her rehearsal at the one up in Sacramento years earlier and so we immediately called a manager over and booked it :)


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