Monday, March 15, 2010

My First Hair Trial

MR. T:

Those of you following me on Twitter may have already seen this, but I had my first hair trial the other week.  I settled on who is doing my hair for the day of the wedding, and we got together to practice since I really had no clue what I wanted to do.
A close family friend will be coming over to my parents' house on the morning of the wedding to do my hair, along with my mom and Mr. T's mom.  The girls have all decided to do their own hair/help each other with their hair.

I've known Theresa for ages, she actually used to babysit me when I was younger.  I ran into her one night downtown and we talked and it was decided!  She's actually going to do my hair for free as part of my wedding gift, and wouldn't take anything for my hair trial either when I went over to her house.
I brought along some of the hair inspiration pictures I've been gathering.  I had narrowed it down to two styles.  One was a low updo, and the other was a half-up updo.

I told her I either wanted something similar to the first one, or I wanted it EXACTLY like the second picture.  I decided for the first time around to do the low updo, because I just really wasn't sure what I wanted.  And obviously I was being wishy-washy because somewhere in the conversation we lost each other and she went ahead with the half updo.  And I'm really glad she did, because I absolutely loved it!  When it was done and we were looking at it, she even said if we wanted to run back to my house on the way to the reception, she would pin up all the hair into a low updo for me and it would only take about 10 minutes.

I get to be a two-hairstyle bride! How exciting?!  This way I can leave my hair down for the ceremony and wear my veil, and then it will be up off my shoulders for the rest of the night and I won't be too hot and worrying about the curls falling out.

Now for the pictures...
 Unfortunately, you don't get to see the front of it, because I don't have a picture of it.  It was after a long night in Chicago, I didn't have any makeup on, and my face and I were fighting.

I don't remember if I told you all or not, but I got a perm about a month ago because I was sick of my half curly hair and wanted a change.  It looks absolutely adorable now and I don't have to put any time into it, but Theresa said they must have left the solution in for too long because my hair is beyond unhealthy now!  So she sent me home with some good shampoo and conditioner and orders to get my hair trimmed and a good deep conditioner at a salon.  This way my hair will hold a curl better and look healthier and shinier on the day of the wedding.  So now I've got some work to do between now and then.

But I'm glad I went ahead and did this trial, because now I know for sure what I want.  All I have to figure out now is what I'm planning on doing with my makeup.  I'm really leaning towards having it done at a salon, because I really want eyelashes applied for the day and I'm horrible at doing them myself.  So we'll see what I decide on that. 
I would definitely recommend a hair trial though if you're stuck between a couple different ideas and you can afford to do it.  It will also give you a feel for how it will hold up throughout the day.

Have any of you done a hair trial before your wedding day??  What are your thoughts on it?


  1. I love that you're going to have two hairstyles! Really cool idea.

    I think you need to allow the curls to relax a little bit on the hairstyle. Right now they seem to tight and ringlet like.

  2. That is fun that you will do a hair switcheroo! I'm glad you were happy with your trial! Yay!

  3. Could we be anymore alike?! I wanted (well, still want, but we'll see) to be a 2 style bride too! And that second picture is from a wedding I featured on my blog and it's my main inspiration too! Both her hair and makeup were EXACTLY what I want!!

  4. That looks great on you! It's perfect and the hair flower really complement it.And it's a great idea to pin it up after the ceremony.

  5. When I first read this post, I had hoped you would go with the style in the first photo, because I think it suits you very well, and I’m glad that I was right! The journey to your special day might have been long, but it’s finally paid off! You look beautiful in your wedding photos!

    Stela Dimitrov


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